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For some, running comes naturally, the lacing up is easy and the weather doesn’t bother them, but for others it’s a different story.
We know that running can be scary to start, you like the look of it, you’re aware of the health benefits but where do you even start?

So, we chatted to Mizuno runner Susie Chan and below you’ll find easy steps which will have you lacing up in no time.

Susie Chan

Who is Susie Chan?

Susie Chan is an endurance athlete who has covered her fair share of miles. Feeling at home running ultra-marathons Susie is no stranger to extreme conditions either, having ran the Marathon des Sables (which is approximately the distance of six regular marathons… in the desert!) more times than any other UK female. 

However, running hasn’t always been Susie’s love – Susie first started running when her brother asked her to train with him for the London Marathon. She found the thought of running intimidating, at 35 years old and a mum who hadn’t done any running before.

At first, Susie struggled to run around 2 football pitches without stopping. However, she soon tapped into her own version of runners high, describing it as euphoric and hasn’t looked back since.

Susie's Tips

For getting into running.

Keep a routine

If you’ve decided you’d like to run a great place to start would be to look at your life and see where you can factor this in. Is running in the morning best for you or is it better after work? Do you need to organise childcare or are there days most suitable for a run? Realistically setting running goals that work with your lifestyle will really make running easier and more enjoyable.
parkrun advice

Run with friends

Having a running partner who helps to motivate you and keep you accountable is a great way to not only increase running enjoyment but also socialise. If you don't know anyone else who runs, consider joining a local running club or heading to your local parkrun when they are back on as a great way to meet other runners of all levels.

Fuel your body

Fuelling is often overlooked when starting out but is one of the most crucial things for runner. Ensuring first off that you have enough fuel in tank, so eating enough calories to fuel you for a run – this will make the run easier and so much more enjoyable.

Good quality carbohydrates are essential for a strong run as these provide the body with the energy it needs, opt for some pre run (Jam on toast as an example) and post run, opt for carbs to refuel the body after it’s used the energy and some protein for optimum recovery (a hearty lasagne would work a treat here).

(Fuel on the run: Take a look at Pro Direct Running's Nutrition offering HERE)


Be strong and healthy

We often think we need to run to get fit but being fit to run is just as important. Adding in some body weight or at home strength training can really help support your new running habit! A strong warm up before and a sufficient cool down with stretches after a run will help keep you mobile as you go about the rest of your day.

More Running Advice From Pro:Direct

Setting you up for success!

Keep it fun

Always try to keep running fun and make sure you are enjoying it or you will find it hard to keep going. Don't push too hard too soon. Walk if you need too. It's ok to change plans. For more advice on keeping running fun check out our Mile From Home episode with Susie.

Move to a beat

Try running with music to keep you focussed. Build a playlist of up tempo music to help keep you motivated. Shop our great range of running headphones to make sure your beats don't fail you half way through! 

Treat your feet

Invest in shoes! Having a good pair of running shoes will make all the difference to your running. They will keep you comfortable and help prevent injury, plus... you'll feel like a pro before you even get going!

Mizuno have a fantastic range of shoes. Whether you want to run really far, really fast, run every day, or you are just getting going, Mizuno have a shoe for you. Explore the men’s collection HERE and the women’s HERE. 

Pro Direct Running

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