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We recently linked up with the 20-year-old phenom to get her top 5 tips for running fast that you can implement into your own weekly training.


Watch the full video below!


Tip #1 – Speed Sessions

Sounds simple enough, right? However, with so much information out there, sometimes figuring out the type of stimulus that best works for you can be tough. One of Keely’s favourites is 200m reps. Get yourself to a track or find a safe, flat section of road and try the following!

200m, 60 secs rest, 200m, 5 mins rest. Repeat this whole sequence 3 times!

Tip #2 – Hill Sprints

Ahhh hills, every runners favourite. As much as they are somewhat masochistic, hill sprints are an incredible way to recruit muscle fibres, work on form and improve overall running economy and strength! Scout out a steep, but run-able hill and try the following.

4-6 x 200m incline reps, 2/3 mins active recovery. Keely incorporates these hill workouts roughly every 10 days. 


Tip #3 – Rest days

Now that’s a bit more like it!! Training hard is great but if you’re constantly pushing the needle, theres no time for the body to absorb your amazing training. Keely has a full active rest day every Friday. Mere mortals like you or I needn’t necessarily be jumping in ice baths or splashing the cash on sports massages every week if it’s unrealistic but, taking at least 1 day per week to let the body recover will leave you feel fresh as a daisy and ready to go again! 

Tip #4 – Strength Training

No good running all the miles if your body isn’t robust enough to handle it. Get to race day fit, healthy and strong by incorporating some basic strength training into your routine. Keely gets in the gym 1-2 times per week for a full variety of bodyweight and weighted exercises but home workouts with minimal equipment can also be very effective! Keely will also put particular focus on the core as ultimately, a strong core is what will keep you in a good biomechanical position when the going gets tough and the legs start to tire!


Tip #5 – Your Kit!

If you ever needed another reason to buy some new running kit, here is your official endorsement from an Olympian. In all seriousness, having a varied running shoe rotation to achieve different types of run combined with well fitting, breathable kit that makes you feel good can never be underestimated. Keely does most of her easy runs in the Nike React Infinity 3 or the Nike Pegasus 39. For speedier stuff on the track, it’s the Nike Dragonfly or Maxfly depending on the length of the session! If you’re unsure about what shoe will work best for you, try our intuitive Shoe Finder tool here!

So, there we go, 5 top tips for running faster with Keely Hodgkinson!

We’ll be back with more Coach Says soon but until then, stay tuned to our social channels for more insight from the running industries most exciting brands and to stay up -to-date with the latest and greatest running shoe releases. You can find us at;

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Tom Folan

My name's Tom, former professional football freestyler turned long distance runner. As a self-proclaimed running shoe aficionado, I love keeping up with the latest performance innovation and product releases almost as much as I enjoy running in them. With a running specialty retail background, I hope to provide some valuable insight and aid you in finding your next favourite item of running kit!
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