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Whether you are an over pronator, or you want extra support from your shoes, we will be going through some of the best structured shoes available in the market.

No longer heavy and clunky, structured shoes are often designed to be worn by any foot type, with the extra support only coming into play when it is needed, often at the end of a long run when the legs get tired and running form is lost. 

To find out if you pronate, please check the link below which includes further information, a guide to checking your pronation from home, and even a way to contact our experts who can help guide you.


What is a structured shoe?

A structured shoe is any shoe that is built with emphasis on preventing excess inward rolling of the ankle through the stride. While everyone pronates, that is, lands on the outside of the foot and rolls to the centre, some people over pronate, rolling all the way through to the inside edge of the foot, this can lead to problems and injuries if not corrected.

How do shoes help with over pronation?

The traditional way to help prevent excessive rolling inwards through the stride is to use a medial post, a firmer section of foam on the medial (inside) of the shoe. As these can be hard underfoot, and often add weight, most brands have recently updated their systems to lightweight, less intrusive options that better complement the modern breed of superfoam. The upper will also often be designed to create a more supportive hold, either through stitching, or overlays.

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