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Quick Stats:
Weight: 225g (7.9oz)

Stack: 35.4mm / 27.5mm

Heel drop: 8mm

Cushioning: PWRRUN PB

Plate: Full length Responsive nylon plate

Pronation: Neutral

Before we get started on my impressions of this shoe it has to be said that there is a lot of love for the Saucony Endorphin range in the running community, it really has brought Saucony to the forefront of the ‘race day’ shoe scene and here are some of reasons why people have been favouring the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2:

  • It features a full-length nylon plate to help propel you forwards. 
  • The high stacked cushioning in this shoe is called PWRRUN PB designed to reduce ground impact and improve energy return. 
  • The SPEEDROLL shape given to the shoe midsole aims to help your foot roll effortlessly from touchdown to take-off. 
  • It’s lightweight without reducing functional benefits.

saucony endorpin 2 review
saucony endorpin 2 review

First Impressions:
Opening any shoe box for the first time is always a moment to treasure however, reaching in and grabbing out a pair of Saucony Endorphin Speed 2’s felt extra special. The hype behind this shoe from fellow runners and reviewers has been really positive and I couldn’t wait to get them on foot and try them out. 

Immediately I noticed the bright blue colours streaking across the shoe, fairly ‘classic’ for a men’s colour way but the way it’s applied to the shoe is makes it feel racy, streamlined and got me feeling the need for a quick run to test them out. Personally, I love the look of this shoe, the colour, the wavy shape of the brand logo seems to be echoed and complimented throughout the rest of the shoe from the midsole to the upper. As the name suggests, it just looks race ready.

Another small feature worth noting is the reflective heel panel on both shoes that will light up when car headlights shine on it. Not the ‘trendiest’ feature but one that could actually save your life one day and as someone who runs at all kinds of times of day, I’m all about that level of practicality.

saucony endorpin 2 review
Sizing and Fit:

I have a 9.5 in the majority of brands and these felt spot on. My foot isn’t particularly wide and prefer a snugger fit on most shoes and these felt great compared to other brands sizes. The engineered mono mesh upper hugs your foot in place and with no seams on the forefoot it really is ‘sock-like’. Nothing to rub or irritate the front of your foot. 


The heel of this shoe has additional padding and structure in it to help lock you in, I definitely felt that and even when running my foot remained well secured. 

saucony endorpin 2 review
saucony endorpin 2 review
On the Run:

I’ve tried this shoe on some easy runs but mainly used them for faster tempo running. Their biggest test came just 24 hours after owning them in a 10k race (breaking my PB)! The most noticeable aspect of this shoe for me is the SPEEDROLL shape on the sole of the shoe that really puts you onto your toes and helps you roll into your next step. Putting them on for an easy run I couldn’t help but want to push the pace, they just feel like they deserve to go fast.


Having said that, the high stacked cushioning combining with the nylon plate offers a seriously comfortable and responsive ride that allows you to forget about what going on with your feet and focus on your race. That’s what we all really want right?

saucony endorpin 2 review
Final Thoughts:

You may be thinking ‘But it doesn’t have a carbon plate. How good can it really be?’ and you will be glad to know that there is a bigger brother option in the Saucony Endorphin Pro (or the Pro+) you could try with if you want to get one of the very best carbon plated racing shoes in the game. My thinking is that some people may want to train fast in the Speed 2 and keep a carbon option in the wings for raceday. However, for the majority of runners looking for a shoe they can rely on for training and racing at a more affordable price point, this is a seriously strong contender and I would say it’s even smoother underfoot than some of the carbon racers I’ve tried.


To round off this review, I didn’t just enjoy this shoe, I really loved them and would 100% recommend giving them a go if you want to feel fast in training or in a race, hopefully you will be as surprised as I was at the level of comfort, response and how fast they feel.

saucony endorpin 2 review
saucony endorpin 2 review

If you like this shoe but want to see what else is out there, take a look at some of these. None of these are ‘super shoes’, but they do pack a punch and will keep you on your toes in training or on raceday. 

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Dan Prettejohn

Dan Prettejohn

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