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On is a Swiss running and outdoor brand with its roots in the Alps. In 2010, three friends started the company with one aim in mind: to develop a new running sensation.

Passionate about creating running product that performs at the highest level, the founders, along with a team of innovators, have succeeded in developing a range of shoes that are unique in both design and feel. But what is it that make’s On running shoes so unique? The answer is Cloudtec®.
On cloudtec image 1 designer
Cloudtec® is On’s patented technology that appears in all their footwear. It includes their intelligent cushioning elements, made from lightweight Helion™ superfoam, and their supportive Speedboard™.

Swiss-engineered for performance, Cloudtec® focusses on cushioning rather than correction and ensures a unique and natural running for the wearer.

Before we delve too deep into the specifics of Cloudtec®, if you want to know a bit more about On’s background and their current range of shoes, you should read our ON RUNNING SHOES 2021 article.
On cloudtec image 2 clouds


The pods seen on the bottom of all On shoes are called Clouds, hence the company tagline ‘Run On Clouds’. These clouds are engineered to provide a soft landing and an explosive take-off.

On is the first running brand to provide cushioning only during the landing phase when you need it. They have created a unique cushioning pattern for your foot-strike that offers both horizontal and vertical impact absorption, which means that Cloud cushioning doesn’t break your stride, but adapts to it. Responding to the individual movement of your foot for a softer and more forgiving impact.

Following this initial cushioning phase the highly adaptive Cloud elements lock firmly to provide a solid foundation for a powerful and explosive push-off.


As well as the Cloud cushioning system, all On shoes also have what is called a Speedboard™. This acts as an aid to promote an efficient rolling gait cycle, as well as unleashing the energy of your feet and maximizing performance.

These are integrated into the midsole and are specifically engineered depending on the use of the shoe. For example, in a more responsive shoe used for racing, the Speedboard™ is designed for speed and responsiveness, whereas in a more supportive shoe, the Speedboard™ will generally be thicker and more cushioned.
On cloudtec image 3 speedboard


On use a superfoam called Helion™ in most of their running shoes. According to On, Helion™ is foam cushioning that can do it all. But what makes it so good?

On say that advanced manufacturing methods fuse stiffer foam elements with softer sections to give a unique feel. Helion™ is light on weight but big on energy return, responsive yet protective.

Helion™ is also very durable and is resistant to temperature changes meaning performance stays consistently good mile after mile, all year-round.
On cloudtec image 4 Helion
On’s Cloutec® technology really does deliver a running experience that is enjoyable, comfortable and completely unique to their product. Product which is both superbly deigned and exquisitely constructed.

This is why Pro:Direct Running now stock an extensive range of On running shoes. A range that has you covered whether you want to run your fastest marathon, seek adventure on the trail or take the first steps on your running journey.
On cloudtec image 5 on foot
Explore the men’s collection HERE and the women’s HERE.

However you run and whatever your running goal, there’s an On shoe for you. Each On shoe is engineered with a different type of runner in mind. If you would like to find out more about On’s current range of running shoes, read our ON RUNNING SHOES 2021 article now!

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