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The North Face VECTIVTM trail running shoe range has been specifically designed to reduce fatigue and maximise energy on the trail. In this article we give you a closer look at the VECTIV shoe range and discover how they could help you improve your trail running performance.
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What is VECTIVTM Technology?

VECTIV is patented trail technology that provides cushioning without energy loss. The 3D VECTIV plate is a launch platform that propels you forward, powering you through your run. We can break down the VECTIV technology into 3 key components listed below.

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This is arguably the biggest area of innovation for The North Face, who claim that the 3D VECTIV plate is an energy multiplier allowing you to feel fast, stable and maximize energy. We’ve seen a tremendous rise of plated shoes performing to world record standards on the road and now we can unlock that response on the trails too.

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Can a carbon plate work in a trail shoe?

Most plated road shoes have some form of foam above and below the plate to help reduce the pounding impact delivered from hitting the tarmac over and over again during a distance run.

The North Face have noted that when applying a plate to a trail shoe, it needs to be more considered specifically for the trail to allow for a more diverse range of foot movement.
For this reason it’s not just a flat carbon plate; instead your foot sits into the plate (like a canoe) to offer further support as your foot moves in different directions. They have placed their 3D VECTIV plate above the midsole foam so that it not only offers response on drier terrain but on uneven surfaces it gives more stability and offers your foot an even launch platform.

The VECTIV technology has been tested, reviewed and iterated thoroughly by some of the world’s greatest trail athletes and has already proven itself on the world stage to be a serious tail running shoe.

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The VECTIV Rocker Midsole improves momentum and reduces fatigue as you go through your running gait cycle. The transition from landing to take off becomes smoother and more propulsive.
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Find confidence on any surface and remain in control while in motion. The SurfaceCTRL™ outsole allows traction up hill and grip for breaking downhill.

Which The North Face trail running shoes are best for you?

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Combining a 3D carbon plate, VECTIV Rocker Midsole geometry and SurfaceCTRL™ grip, our new VECTIV™ technology is designed to turn energy into momentum to propel you forward. The FLIGHT VECTIV are the most responsive in our elite trail running range. Light and energy giving they are tried, tested and trusted by our athletes.

Made for ultra-distances, they’re incredibly durable thanks to Kevlar®, polyamide and Matryx® fabrics, and reinforced toe caps. The knit uppers are breathable and supportive and the 6mm toe-to-heel offset propels you into your next gait cycle
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With the smooth and stable ride of VECTIV INFINITE, trail runs only end on your terms. Combining a 3D dual-density Pebax® plate, midsole rocker geometry and SurfaceCTRL™ grip, the new VECTIV™ technology is designed to turn energy into momentum to propel you forward.

In the VECTIV INFINITE, this translates as the perfect balance of responsiveness and protection in ultra-distance trail running shoes. Durability is courtesy of the Kevlar®, polyamide Matryx® while the 6mm toe-to-heel offset propels you into your next gait cycle.
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VECTIV ENDURIS is The North Face’s most cushioned trail shoe. Combining a 3D dual-density TPU plate, VECTIV Rocker Midsole geometry and SurfaceCTRL™ grip to help you comfortably push past your comfort zone.

The VECTIV ENDURIS is a shoe with optimal cushioning and 360 degree stability. Light and cushioned they provide long-lasting comfort and support on even the most rugged terrain. There are internal heel supports offering a closer fit and breathable, flexible mesh uppers for a forgiving fit. The 6mm toe-to-heel offset propels you into your next gait cycle.

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More about The North Face brand

The North Face was founded by 2 hiking enthusiasts from San Francisco in the late 1960s. They quickly gathered a following from avid outdoor athletes, soon sponsoring outdoor expeditions to some of the most remote areas of the world.
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Fast forward over 60 years and The North Face have relentlessly pushed boundaries and not only in the physical sense, but in the performance of their athletes and the design of their products.

With their expertise in outdoor wear, it makes sense that The North Face would be among the first to bring such innovation to the trail running market.

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