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Want to run faster? Don’t we all? If you want a heart-racing workout that seriously helps to increase your pace over a longer distance then give this a try.

Pro:Direct Running caught up with Nike Running Coach Justin Reid-Simms a.k.a. @houseofcardinal to bring you some great tips for a spicy speed session that will leave you with ALL the post-run endorphins.

Build these into your workout regularly to get faster and redefine your running ability.

Below Justin has shared specific workouts for runners of different levels that are designed to be completed on a regular 400m track but can be replicated if you can find a 400m loop closer to home, or if you are using a watch to track your workout.

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Coach Justin’s Speed Session For Beginners

Total Distance: 3.6km 

Speedwork can feel intimidating, but the track is the perfect place to find yourself surrounded by likeminded individuals looking to level up. It’s all about quality, not quantity, but don’t let the shorter duration deceive you - this should feel like hard work!

2 x Lap - Easy Pace
1 x Lap - Jog the bends & accelerate down the straights
5 Mins Drills

4 x 200m Easy Pace / 200m Hard - Think 8/10 Effort… not an all-out sprint!

Aim for consistency on the hard 200m efforts.
If they’re getting slower as the workout progresses, you’ve started too fast. 

Cool Down:
2 x Lap - Easy > Walking

Coach Justin’s Speed Session For Improvers / Intermediate Runners

Total Distance: 5.6km 

You might be familiar with the track, but this workout should challenge you. The aim is to improve your running efficiency and help you feel strong by developing your speed endurance.

2 x Lap - Easy
1 x Lap - Jog the bends & accelerate down the straights
5 Mins Drills

Workout Part 1:
3 x 400m Hard w/ 2 Min Recovery

TIP: You want to feel fresh for each rep, so take a little longer to recover if needed

Workout Part 2:
3 x 800m @ 5K Pace with 400m Easy Recovery

Longer reps are all about learning to settle & find your rhythm.
The track helps you gauge your pace without having to glance at the watch too often.
Use your environment to hone your ability to run on feel, and don’t forget to keep it consistent!

Cool Down:
2 x Lap - Easy > Walking 


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